Yoko Baati (バーティ洋子), known to friends as Yoyo-Chan is a tansfer from Bombay, India who speaks Hindu. She befriends Supairo, Supakusu, Shinderu, and Yun in the 52nd episode. At first, Yoko is interested in Supairo, but he sees Yoko as a friend. In later episodes, he gains feelings for her, creating a love triangle. In the last episode, the cycle is broken when Enbaa loses in Supairo. Also, both Yoko and him confess their love for each other.

She has long black hair and wears it in 3 tiny pigtails on the top of head throughout the series. In her debut series, Kai, Yoko wears her hair down and has a large wardrobe with an Indian uniform, everyday, and performance clothing. Her uniform consists of a red plaid shirt, a denim jumper, mary janes, and an optional belt and tie. She a pink collared shortsleeve with a yellow skirt and pink tape strap shoes. Through the series's dances, she has a pink carnigan with a yellow collar and matching pants.