The Legend of Spyro: Return to Avalar is the next and last game in the series of the Legend of Spyro. Spyro restores time and returns back to the age of lightness after defeating darkness. Spyro reunites with Sgt. Byrd and Blink as well as several other forgotten friends such as Agent 9, Shiela, and Bianca. Moneybags continues to sell as a merchant, however, he is looted several times. This game is popular for bringing back the original thought and concept of Spyro such as the lush green valleys and happy exciting music in the background of each level.

Story Edit

Return of Ripto Edit

Spyro and his friends are embracing their inner spirit at the Dragonfly Dojo as they are inturrupted by Riptocs. Ripto then meets with the ceased guards of Avalar to glote. However, Spyro is at the ready and defeats the Riptocs holding Ripto as captive. Ripto was to be released after a honor whipping. Spyro senses something wrong in the Dragon Realms, thus him and Cynder and Sparx head on yet another adventure. Spyro also meets with old friends.

Agent 9 strikes Edit

Agent 9 was cut off of his path on his last mission. He was attacked by Rhynocs and other dangerous creatures of that sort possibly aiming to destroy him. Agent 9 teams with Spyro and Cynder on their journey, promising to appear constantly to help them with any problems they may have. Agent 9 tells them where they may find Shiela and Sgt. Byrd. Spyro and Cynder head to the given location in time. Sparx however, is sometimes left with Agent 9 in these situations.

Dueling Volteer Edit

Spyro meets with Volteer whom tests Spyro in a very dangerous and unexpected way; by a duel to the death (or at least until one gives in). Spyro had nothing to do but defend himself, thus he is put in an awckward situation to almost kill Volteer. Volteer awards Spyro with the Dragon Comlink which allows Spyro to keep in contact with the Dragon Elders and trainers.

Crossfire in Bangotua Edit

Spyro and his friends find themselves in the kingdom walls of Bangotua. There is a war going on, and Spyro is caught in the crossfire.