Spepies: Dragon
Age: 45
Opccution: Fire, Magic Elder
Relatives: Spyro ( grandfather deceased), Cynder ( grandmother), Trish ( aunt deceased),Spyro Jr. ( father deceased),Crash Jr. uncle in law( decased), Spyro Bandicoot cousin, unknown brothers and sisters, unknown wife and 4 sons and 1 daugher
Elements: Fire, Magic, wind, darkness
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Tenzin is the grandson of spyro the avatar. The Chronicler ( Ingious) told Spyro Jr. that he will have a son in 15 years. Spyro doesn"t belive this at first until 15 years later his wive gives birth to a son and he names him Tenzin. Years later, Spyro sr. dies and is buried with his ancestors at Republic City their home. Tenzin with his wife leaves to a farm where he, father and grandfather used to go years before. 15 years later the next Avatar Katarra with Perseus ( this dimension's jack sparrow's ancestor), comes to Tenzin to learn fire and magic, but he refuses after seeing her childish behavior. Spyro Sr. appears to him and says to teach her those for that her destiny as the avatar. He does this, when he sees that she was in danger by gnorcs he save them. After he saves them he agrees to teach her the two elements and help her control the avatar state. He does this with sucess for 2 years, Katarra wants him to join on her quest but he says that he has to move back to Republic City. He does and Tenzin later trains his oldest son to become king of Republic City. After that he and Katarra team up to defeat Blowhard and that lasted for 10 years. After that they have a cerimony for the heros, Tenzin was gifted as the new eider or fire and surprisly magic elder too.