Stump Chop is a skeletal tree

Powers and UpgradesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Pulver Blade: Slice your enemies with zanbato
  • Acorn Shield: Block attacks with acorns

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Acorn Bash: Acorns reflect attacks
  • Spartan Nut: Reflected attacks do increased damage
  • Aura Pummel: Pulver Blade does increased damage
  • Bramble Thorn: Summon spiked vines

Smashing WarriorEdit

This path lets Stump Chop further upgrade his Pulver Blade attacks

  • Stump Combo Master: Preform devastating combos
  • Acorn Blade: Sword attacks produce acorns
  • Smash Blade: Sword Attacks detonate acorns

Nut DefenderEdit

This path lets Stump Chop further upgrade his Acorn Shield abilities

  • Pollen Shield: Reflected attacks cover enemies with pollen that slows them down
  • Stun Nut: Reflected attacks stun enemies
  • Double Shield: Have two shields at once

Soul Gem AbilityEdit

Requires Soul Gem from Shattered Pastures

  • Water Bramble Log: Bramble Thorn travels across water and does increased damage


  • Stump Chop can swim after purchasing water bramble log