A grey-scaled, 13-year-old dragon who is Spyro's colleague and friend, Daniel's trainee and one of Stanley's employees. He's also one of the new, young lifeguards who debuts in “Sea, Sun and Sickness”.


A hyper, but caring, young dragon who is one of Spyro's biggest fans. He listened to stories about the purple protagonist's adventures from the elder dragons during his childhood. He didn't meet his idol until he reached 13-years-old when he enroled as one of the new, part-time lifeguards at Dragon Shores.

The instant he realised his idol has gotten sick, he begins to fret over him and asks him if he's all right. Not to mention, suggesting to him that he should take a trip to the doctor's or go on sick leave, in order to rest in bed.

His personality continues to show when he carries on being sympathetic for Spyro and being there for him in his time of need as well as standing up for him if he's being mistreated by their strict boss. When it comes to beach parties and karaoke sessions, he gets overexcited and he's always the life of the party.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Smokey is a similar size to Spyro but he's a few feet shorter and he's a quadruped as in able to stand on four feet. His whole body is covered in grey scales, his wingspan is identical to his colleague and his medium-sized, golden horns were curved back. His underbelly is in a paler shade of white and so were his extremely small talons, his wings were yellow with dark grey webbing and his eyes were sky blue. His muzzle, scaly face, eyebrows and maw were all in similar sizes in parallel to his workmate's reptilian lips, eyebrows, face and nose. On the other hand, his small, golden spines went from the back of his head and extend to the gold, arrow-shaped tip on his tail and he doesn't have any large spines that resembled a mohawk, unlike his cold-stricken co-worker.

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Sea, Sun and SicknessEdit

Smokey debuts in this collaborated fanfiction when Stanley introduces him to Spyro. Besides Elora, Smokey takes upon himself to look after Spyro whenever he's feeling even worse than he already has been.

Facebook Frenzy: Cartoon Crossovers EditionEdit

Alongside Daniel, Smokey makes a comeback in this crossover fanfiction. During the story, he usually chats to Spyro, their circle of companions and Daniel.

Secret TalentEdit

Just like Spyro, Smokey has a secret talent as well. When he's not on lifeguard duty, he occupies himself with musical instruments which he can play with no trouble at all. This comes in handy when he performs alongside Spyro as a supporting act on the stage during the second karaoke at Dragon Shores.


  • He may be named after one of the small dragons that are shown on the official cover art of the game, Fantastic Dizzy, on the Sega Megadrive.