Lori (The Dragon Wars)
Species: Dragon
Homeworld: Dragon Realms (Dragon Temple)
Appearances: The Dragon Wars (First Appearance)
Attacks/Actions: Electricity
Elemental Fury
Melee Combat
Aerial Combat
Cameos: None
Creator: Cynder794

Lori is a green and yellow Dragon. She can master the two elements Earth and Electricity due to being a rare breed of Dragon. She lived in the Dragon temple until they evacuated to Warfang for shelter until it was safe for them to go back.


Lori is a rare Dragon, she can master two elements, Earth and Electricity. She is 14 years old, she is shy and can be random, hyper and silly when she wants to. Her elemetal energy is very powerful due to being a rare breed. Other dragons her age tend to shun her, because they are jealous. She has an intellegent mind, and is almost always alone. She often thinks of how she can have revenge on Malefor but her need for revenge has cursed her with a dark alter-ego that she can not control but at the same time is unaware of it.

The StoryEdit

After her alter-ego took control of her whilst hiding in the city of Warfang, Loir swore to herself that she would kill Malefor personaly and the only way that she could do that was by stopping who was most likly to kill Malefor if she didn't, Violetstar. Unfortunently Violetstar had seen Lori as her darker self and could no longer trust her but Lori never understood why.