out Arpeggiarp EggsEdit

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for February 2013. As Arpeggiarp eggs grow they produce a beautiful chiming or ringing sound. This is caused by the movement of the growing Arpeggiarp within. As the egg nears hatching the sounds grow more frequent. This makes them highly sought after in the musical community where there is a tradition of creating music that feature these eggs as instruments.

More About the ArpeggiarpEdit

Once hatched, the Arpeggiarp's musical nature grows. Arpeggiarp develop several specialized sets of tendons that create harmonious sounds when plucked or struck with its prehensile tail. These sounds are used as a form of communication and play a key part when it comes to finding a mate. During the month of February, and especially during the week of Valentine's Day, the forests of Ark echo with beautiful melodies created by young Arpeggiarp searching for their lifelong partners.

Creature InformationEdit

 Retired Cave Cash Shop Park Event/Plot User Suggestion Science and Research Center Asteroid==Weighted Rarity == 4==Archives Entry Written By==


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