Green the Dragon is a bounty hunter from the Dragon Realms of Avalar. Green constantly is hired by dangerous rulers such as Ripto, Gunguta, and Shiru. Green only cares about money and getting the job done. Green never fails on a mission, thus he is hired a lot.

Green the Dragon Edit

Green is hired by the dangerous crimelord, Gunguta. Gunguta sends Green on a mission to destroy Spyro, making a clear and easy way to attack Avalar. Green goes out to find Spyro, however, Spyro is protected by Hunter. Green and Hunter get into a perilous dule, evetnually, Green wounds Hunter terribly and moves on to kill Spyro. Spyro defends himself, sending Green away. and gets help for Hunter. Sparx claims he knows where Green is headed, thus they head there. Once they get to the hidden hide-out location just outside of Avalar, Spyro and Hunter destroy the castler guarded by captured Rhynocs. Green and Spyro have another dule. Spyro takes the victory and Green decides to join Spyro's side at the feet of his dead employer, Gunguta.