Gill Trigger is an aquatic gremlin

Powers and UpgradesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Golden Harpoon: Throw harpoons at your enemies (Primary Ability)
  • Safe Hose: Launch water boxes at your enemies (Secondary Ability)

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Super Harpoon: Charge harpoons for more damage (Price: 500)
  • Pressure Pot: Water boxes do increased damage (Price: 700)
  • Mega Harpoon: Charge harpoons longer for even more damage, harpoons move faster (Price: 900)
  • Water Gun: Shoot water until it runs out (Price: 1200)

Harpoon FrenzyEdit

This path lets Gill Trigger further upgrade his Golden Harpoon attacks

  • Quadent Gun: Harpoons do MORE increased damage, harpoons are now four pronged (Price: 1700)
  • Bouncing Harpoons: Harpoons bounce of walls (Price: 2200)
  • Yamoto Harpoon: Charge harpoons even longer for maximum damage (Price: 3000)

Water BangsEdit

This path lets Gill Trigger further upgrade his Safe Hose and Water Gun attacks

  • Throwing Water: Water Gun is endless and has greater range (Price: 1700)
  • Water-Plosion: Safe Hoses do increased damage and explode in tidal wave (Price: 2200)
  • Neptune Head: Water Gun and Safe Hose do increased damage (Price: 3000)

Soul Gem AbilityEdit

Requires Soul Gem from Treetop Crypt

  • Anchor Ammo: Harpoons are now anchors