Dragons of Shadow (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction)
Dragon of Shadow
Species: Shadow Dragon
Homeworld: Convexity Realms
Appearances: The Legend of Spyro Fanfic III: The Dragons of Shadow (First Appearance)
Malefor and Senka and the Spirit Realms
Attacks/Actions: Convexity
Army Size: 10 Billion

The Dragons of Shadow are the army of Convexity himself. They were created along with the help of Malefor and Spyro from the spirits of thoes who they had killed. They appear, in the Dragon realms, as the skeleton of a Dragon with a cloak of shadow that holds the creature together. However in the Convexity realms they have no phyisical presence so they appear as two glowing red eyes.


The Dragons of ShadowEdit

Throughout history Convexity had been gathering his army and eventualy the day had come that they would arise. He had gatherd 10 billion members but they were not all ready to come through to the Dragon realms so he had to wait until he could open the portal to Convexitys gate but was stopped after the Dragons of Shadow turned against him. After Spyro had been reserected, Cynder had managed to find a way to give her life energy to show who the Dragons of Shadow realy were. She showed this to Spyro hoping that he would stop this destruction after the first sight of his Parents but they were unlucky as Spyro simply didn't want to care anymore about his past and was focusing on a future that he had control of.

The Spirit RealmsEdit

A5 years after the fall of Convexity and Malefor and Senka are looking for Spyro and Cynder after Convexity had sent them to the Spirit realms. They had no choice but to go to the Spirit realms themselfs and get them back. Unfortunantly they were not the only ones in the Spirit realms. The Dragons of Shadow were there to revive Convexity once more and trap Malefor and Senka in the Spirit realms for all eternity whilst Convexity took his place as ruler of the world. Malefor and Senka manged to stop them and free Spyro and Cynder but in doing so they unleashed a dreadfull evil, more powerfull than Convexity could ever hope to be.