Daniel the Dragon is Spyro and Smokey's lifeguard instructor who dwells somewhere in Dragon Shores and debuted in "Sea, Sun and Sickness".

Physical DescriptionEdit


He's a laid-back, kind-hearted coach who knows what is best for his young students. When he's not busy with teaching his trainees, he loves to surf and chat with his peers or the Dragon Elders. Whenever any of his trainees were mistreated by his strict employer, he tends to back them up and stands up for them without hesitation.

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Sea, Sun and SicknessEdit

This collaboration marks his debut where he teaches Spyro and Smokey the way of becoming a responsible lifeguard as well as the drills and rules.

As soon as he realises that Spyro has fallen ill when he heard and seen him coughing harshly, he began to feel sympathetic for him and obligated to inform his employer about Spyro's sickness. Daniel doesn't appear a lot in the story but he's there to support both of his teenage trainees.

Facebook Frenzy: Cartoon Crossover's EditionEdit

He returns in this crossover as a character from the original Spyro series. He doesn't appear in every chapter and he usually talks to his trainees.


  • He is named after old friend from college
  • The alliteration technique has been used in his name
  • Spyro is his favourite student, due to the fact he's the undisputed protector of the Dragon Realms, Avalar and the Forgotten Worlds and he's heard of his heroic prowess.
  • His peers have a tendency to address him as “Dan” or “Danny”.
  • Even though he has to discipline his students sometimes, he does lighten up in most of the situations.